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TurboWallet covers all your your financial needs in one place including payments, savings, investing and even business services. With bank grade security and blockchain for trust, TurboWallet is the only app you need for your finances.

All free. All over the world.

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Free Payments

Send money to anyone, anywhere in the world for free. And it only takes seconds, not days.

I use TurboWallet to send money to my friends and family who live all over the world and it doesn't cost me a penny. Before TurboWallet, I didn't even have a way to send money to friends that live in the same city as me.

Laura Alexander Costa Rica

Invest in your Future

With built in saving and investing, you can start working towards financial freedom.

  • High interest savings - earn up to 8% interest
  • Investments - invest in gold and other assets with a click

I can't even get a regular bank account where I live, but now I not only have a place to put my money, I can also make money with my money. TurboWallet changed my life.

Emmanuel H Turks and Caicos Islands

Free Business Services

The easiest way to run your business:

  • Payment Processing - in person and online - 0% fees
  • Payroll - easily pay your employees right in the app
All for free. What more can you ask for?

TurboWallet has changed how we operate our business. We've reduced our costs by 1-2% which means more money for the business. And all for free. It's a no brainer.

Gerald Chavez Bristol, UK

Security You Can Trust

Bank Level Security
TurboWallet uses bank level security to protect your money, your private information and prevent unauthorized use.

Privacy and Transparency
TurboWallet protects your privacy by not sharing any personally identifiable information while providing complete transparency for your money by using blockchain. Meaning you can verify everything through third parties in real-time.

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